Service & Support

Deer Creek Assisted Living

When you choose Deer Creek Assisted Living, you can expect a fresh take on care and service. Our team of passionate and professional caregivers, medical professionals, chefs, and support staff treat each resident as a member of our own family. Because we believe that by focusing on mind, body, and spirit, we can create an atmosphere that’s fulfilling, fun, and functional for our residents as well as our staff. Come see all the ways our Desoto, Texas, assisted living community stands out from the crowd.

"God bless Deer Creek and the many gracious people in Desoto and else where."

Community Ammenities

Healthy Meals & Nutritional Assistance

As you age, it becomes increasingly difficult for your body to fully absorb nutrients, which is why maintaining a healthy diet and proper nutrition is vital for seniors. We believe that in addition to being nutritious, food should taste good, too! That’s why we employ on-site chefs to prepare healthy and delicious meals and snacks to meet your nutritional requirements.

In addition, our chefs accommodate specialized diets, including:

  • Diary-free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Gluten-free

If you have other dietary requirements, they can accommodate those, too!